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View Windows 7 - How to display QS Player File Monitor icon on task bar

Category:Transcription -> Quikscribe Player -> Troubleshooting
Category:Transcription -> Quikscribe Player -> Using

Windows 7 uses a dynamic graphical icon for applications in the task bar, so QS Player can’t display the file monitor actions in the task bar when the application is minimized.

However, the system tray (on the right side of the bottom task bar) can display those functions if you pin the QSP_Filemon icon to the bottom line using these steps:

1.  Click the arrow in the system tray to display all the applications running in the system tray.

2.  Select ‘Customize’

3.  Find the icon for QSP_Filemon.exe in the list.

4.  Change the associated Behavior for QSP_Filemon.exe to “Show icon and notifications”

5.  Select ‘Ok’

The File Monitor icon will then display in the system tray area of the bottom task bar, and the icon will provide color notification when new files arrive in the work-to-be-typed queue.

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