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View Device Settings

Category:Dictation -> Quikscribe Downloader Program -> Settings



Device Settings allows you to set the following options for the DPM:

File Management Options


Leave Files on Device: If the setting is checked the files will remain on the memory card after download.  You may want to check this option as you test downloading files, but generally you would not check this feature since the dictation files would accumulate on the memory card.

Automatic Selection provides a list of the following options:

• Do not select any files (displays files so that each one can be selected)
• Select files marked EOL (selects only files closed and marked with EOL function on the DPM unit)
• Select all files (recommended)

Notice in the files listed above in the “Quikscribe Downloader” panel that one file has “X” in the “EOL” column.  A file marked EOL indicates that the author has pressed the New File button on the DPM after recording a dictation.  This signifies that the dictation is finished.  You may select individual files to transfer to the PC by clicking anywhere on the line where the name of file is displayed, or you may simply Select All to mark all the files for transfer.

Device Settings


Pro Mode enables the advanced features of the .ds2 file format (instead of .dss), including high quality sound recording and file encryption.  You must have Pro Mode selected in order to also select encryption.

Encryption enables file encryption on the memory card.  This security feature ensures that files can only be played on the device itself, or if they are transferred to the PC using the Quikscribe Recorder software in the same organization.  The encryption feature requires the use of the QS Manager software to define the encryption key.  If the memory card is removed from the device, or files transferred from the device without the proper workflow process, the data will not be accessible to an unauthorized user.  Pro Mode must first be selected in order to engage the Encryption feature.

Filename Prefix provides identification of the file name created on the DPM.  Please note that filenames are converted to the filename prefix defined in the QS Recorder user profile when they are downloaded.  As the serial number of the DPM is used to match the DPM to the QS Recorder user profile, it may be helpful to use the DPM serial number as the Filename Prefix on the DPM.  (The serial number is located inside the battery compartment.)

The Audio Quality setting may be set to LP (long play), SP (standard play) or QP (high quality play).  QP is available only if Pro Mode is enabled.  Please note that a higher sound quality setting will result in larger file sizes.  If you are using voice recognition software as part of the transcription workflow, then QP may produce better results than SP.

Download Options


Download to Drafts folder in QSR transfers files to the author’s Draft folder in Quikscribe Recorder.  This allows files to be opened individually for review or modification, to include text, image, or file attachments, and to specify the desired Send destination.

Prompt for File Location is no longer used – do not select.

Automatic Transfer provides the option to automatically download and transfer files from the DPM unit when the unit is connected with the PC.  The other Device Settings will apply to the transfer rules to download the files to the QSR Drafts folder or to send the files directly and immediately to the desired transcription destination.

Quikscribe Recorder Integration


The drop-down list provides the options to just download files to the local PC, or to download and send the files directly and immediately to the desired transcription destination:

• Download Selected Files (download files only to QSR Drafts folder; do not send to transcription)
• Send Only Files Marked EOL
• Send All Selected Files

“Send All Selected Files” will download and send all files to transcription, whether or not they have the EOL stamp from the DPM.
• converts each file from the .dss/.ds2 format to IAF
• renames and numbers each file according to the author’s profile settings
• produces a backup copy of the .dss/.ds2 file in the Import folder
• sends the file directly to the (default) transcription location specified in the author’s QS Recorder profile
• produces a backup copy of the sent file and stores it in the author’s Sent folder in QS Recorder


Use DPM Sequence Number is useful when the author is using more than one location to download files.  This will use the number sequence generated by the DPM instead of the number sequence generated by the QS Recorder user profile.

Prompt for Send Location Before Download provides the option to select the transcription destination each time you connect the DPM unit.  A prompt will appear showing the send destinations.  Upon selection, the files will be downloaded and sent to that location.
QSR Profile - Select the appropriate QS Recorder user profile for the DPM unit.  Once selected, the serial number of the recorder device is matched to the QS Recorder user profile.  Then the recorder may be connected to any PC with QS Recorder and the user profile will be matched automatically for the download transfer.  The Quikscribe Manager software provides centralized administration of the QSR user profiles and also the portable recorder user profiles.