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Please call or email us today to assess your individual office needs - we’ll present a cost-effective, customized solution that meets your specific business requirements.  We provide personal service via phone or email to accomodate people with busy schedules.

We offer discounted hardware with our Quikscribe software, which is sold per installed license.
Please visit the Accessories page for more information and pricing on available hardware.

We have more features and benefits than any other digital dictation and transcription system. 
We’re not the cheapest solution, nor are we the most expensive.

For Immediate service call us at:

Toll Free: 800-852-2526   U.S. / Canada
                  02 9098 8499   Australia
                  020 3239 2682   United Kingdom

You can also send your sales inquiry directly to us - just click here.  Please provide your name, daytime phone number, and a brief description of your current dictation set up.

Note: We would also be delighted to schedule you for an online demonstration. We schedule demos on an appointment basis. Please contact us to set up one today!

Also, if you have not already done so, be sure to download and install the 30-day FREE evaluation version of the Quikscribe Recorder and the Quikscribe Player. Both of these products come with a built-in interactive audio teaching tutorials, which means you do not need to read anything to get started. Plus they are both full working versions for 30-days.  Full results of productivity enhancements are realized with the hardware accessories (such as the SpeechMike hand control).

Make sure you visit and read our Testimonials page to find out how others are using Quikscribe to solve their current business needs.

Looking for a specific feature or function?  Please send us an e-mail us explaining your specific situation/application, as we are continually adding new features based on user feedback.


Intelligent Audio File (IAF) is an advanced digital dictation file format, specifically designed by Quikscribe, to provide advanced RICH audio dictation and transcription capabilities.
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