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Quikscribe Overview

Recording with Intelligent Audio Files

Demonstration of Undo/Redo Functions

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Quikscribe Recorder
  • Instantly undo or redo audio edits
  • Record using voice activation
  • Record in Insert or Overwrite mode
  • Record virtually unlimited file duration
  • Cut & paste text or precedents
  • Insert screen shots or pictures
  • Attach associated files or documents
  • Record and compress at the same time
  • Automatic redundancy and house keeping
  • Integrates with Philips Speech Mic series
  • Remote dictation abilities with e-mail
  • Split large files in a series of small files
  • Automatically captures all billable hours
  • Import both .dss and .wav files
  • Come with built-in interactive multimedia training
  • Create Computer Based Training content
  • Eliminates ongoing cost (tapes & batteries)
  • Increased office productivity for author and typist
Quikscribe Player
  • Automatic file notification when new files arrive
  • Transcribe .wav, .dss, .mp3 and .iaf audio files
  • Insert Location Markers
  • Paste embedded text or pictures
  • Works with any Windows based word processor
  • Files are automatically queued based on priority
  • Built-in interactive multimedia training
  • Add comments to uncompleted work
  • % completed always visible in the Task-bar
  • Normalize (amplify) low audio levels
  • Insert or extract files or documents
  • File locking - Allows 1 queue / multiple typists
  • Load-share large files (if required)
  • Automatically captures total transcription time
  • Ability to slow audio down without pitch change
  • Foot-switch + Hot-keys provide full typist control

Quikscribe Recorder user manual (PDF)
QS Player Manual
Quikscribe Player user manual (PDF)
IF YOU ARE AN EXISTING QUIKSCRIBE CUSTOMER, THIS INSTALL PROCEDURES PAGE provides additional resources for installation and configuration, as well as links for the Quikscribe Manager.

Intelligent Audio File (IAF) is an advanced digital dictation file format, specifically designed by Quikscribe, to provide advanced RICH audio dictation and transcription capabilities.
Quikscribe: Making document production... faster and smarter